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Date: 23.02.2020
Date of last news: 10.07.2017 19:09:27
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Tv: 05.10.2016 22:57:56
HBO - KESHET INTERNATIONAL / HBO and Keshet join in new Israeli drama series
Zagreb, Croatia (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA) / 05.10.2016./ HBO and Keshet International (KI) will co-produce a drama about the tragic events involving the disappearance of three teens that unfolded in Israel two years ago. HBO has given a ten-episode order for the untitled series, which will be filmed on location in Israel next summer. Created by Hagai Levi (HBO’s “In Treatment”; Golden Globe for “The Affair”) and Noah Stollman, the show will be primarily directed by Israeli filmmaker Joseph Cedar (the Oscar®-nominated “Beaufort,” “Footnote,” “Norman”).
Tv: 02.09.2015 19:30:55
RTL-HORVATOVI / In September new domestic series ''Horvatovi'' on RTL
Zagreb, Croatia (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA) / 02. 09. 2015. / On September 7th 2015, RTL will start airing Croatian comedy series ''Horvatovi''. This new series from RTL's production is based on the Spanish hit series ''Los Serranos'', and in 2013 it was adapted for the Serbian market as ''Sinđelići''. For RTL ''Horvatovi'' was adapted by Milivoj Puhlovski who, along with Suzana Purković, Tomislav Rukavina and Igor Filipović, is also the series director.
Tv: 02.09.2015 19:21:14
FARM-NOVA TV / This fall ''Farm'' airs on Nova TV
Zagreb, Croatia (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA) / 02. 09. 2015. / As announced, this fall Nova TV will once again air the popular reality show ''Farm''.
Tv: 02.09.2015 19:09:56
KLASIK TV-PREMIERE / Ljubiša Samardžić's new series on Klasik TV
Zagreb, Croatia (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA ) / 28. 08. 2015. / In September 2015 Klasik TV will premiere Ljubiša Samardžić's new drama series ''Miris kiše na Balkanu'', as well as several movies of this famous actor and director, including ''Policajac sa Petlovog brda'', ''Nebeska udica'', ''Jesen stiže, Dunjo moja'' and ''Anticasanova''. Four movie premieres will air on Klasik TV in September, as well: ''Putovanje tamnom polutkom'', ''Kuća'', ''Ljubljana'' and ''Led''.
Tv: 02.09.2015 19:09:13
FIC – NAT GEO / Premieres on National Geographic Channel
Zagreb, Croatia (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA ) / 25. 08. 2015. / This August on National Geographic Channel a new series premiered, ''Richard Hammond's Wildest Weather'' and new seasons of ''Science of Stupid'', ''Danger Decoded'', ''Survive and Deliver'' and ''Cold Water Gold''.
Tv: 02.09.2015 19:07:22
HBO-SHOW ME A HERO / ''Show Me a Hero'' airing in Adria
Zagreb, Croatia (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA ) / 25. 08. 2015. / New original miniseries from HBO production, ''Show Me a Hero'', has started airing mid-August in the Adria region. The miniseries has been created by the talented author of '' The Wire'' David Simon, and was directed by the Oscar-awarded director Paul Haggis.
Tv: 02.09.2015 19:05:38
BLIZOO-NICKELODEON / Blizoo features Nickelodeon and Nickelodeon Junior
Skopje, Macedonia (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA) / 19. 08. 2015. / Macedonian Blizoo has launched two new channels in its TV channel offer, Nickelodeon in the basic package and Nickelodeon Jr in DTV+ package.
Tv: 02.09.2015 19:03:19
AUDIENCE-SERBIA / Quiz: Jigsaw most viewed in the first half of 2015
Belgrade, Serbia (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA) / 14. 08. 2015. / RTS published a research on national channels audience in Serbia for the first half of 2015. According to the results, RTS 1 was the most watched channel with a rating of 4,3 %. TV Pink came second, with 3,7 %, TV Prva third with 2,7 %, followed by TV Hepi with 2%, TV B92 with with 1,8 % and RTS2 with 0,6 %.
Tv: 02.09.2015 18:37:42
RTL-REPORT / RTL revenue increase
Berlin, Germany (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA) / 01. 09. 2015. / At the end of August 2015, RTL Group has published the financial report for second trimester of 2015, according to which their revenue increased by 7,7 % to 1,48 billion euro, while EBITDA grew by 4,3 %, amounting 340 million euro.
Tv: 13.08.2015 12:49:46
TLC-SHOW / TLC's new show ''Catwalk 30+''
Rijeka, Hrvatska (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA) / 13. 08. 2015. / From Sunday August 16th TLC will air a new show from their own production studio, ''Catwalk 30+''. The show airs in Germany since 2014, and was very well accepted by its audience, considering the show celebrates the inner beauty and dignity of women over 30.
Tv: 04.06.2015 21:53:58
KLASIK TV-ANIMAFEST-FRM / Animafest & Youth Film Festival on Klasik TV
Zagreb, Hrvatska (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA) / 30. 05. 2015. / June 2015 on Klasik TV, the channel specialized for Croatian and regional film production, will be in the sign of three film festivals: world's festival of animated film Animafest, to be held in Zagreb from June 9th to June 14th, 20th Youth Film Festival and 8th Four River Film Festival, to be held from June 23rd to June 27th 2015.
Tv: 29.05.2015 21:18:59
THE VOICE-SECOND SEASON / The second season of 'The Voice ' on HRT
Zagreb, Croatia (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA) / 30. 05. 2014. / After the extremely successful first season of the show, the second season of ''The Voice'' will air from January 23rd to March 23 2016 on HRT.
Tv: 28.05.2015 21:11:52
AUDIENCE-APRIL-BIH / Federalna TV most watched
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA) / 28. 05. 2015. / According to the data published by Radio-televizija Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine in April 2015 in the target group 4+ for all day the most watched TV channel in Bosnia and Herzegovina was Federalna TV with 13 % audience share. FTV was followed by Pink BH on the second place, and OBN on the third, while the fourth and fifth place belong to BNTV and Hayat TV. BHT1 achieved sixth place and in the last place in April 2015 was RTRS.
Tv: 28.05.2015 20:59:51
AUDIENCE-APRIL / RTS most watched in April
Beograd, Srbija (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA) / 28. 05. 2015. / According to the research AGB Nielsen conducted and Advertiser Serbia published, in April 2015 the citiziens of Serbia have spent 320 minutes per day watching TV, while in the target group All day RTS1 was the most watched channel.
Tv: 26.05.2015 20:01:33
RTS-MANAGING DIRECTOR / Dragan Bujošević new managing director of RTS
Belgrade, Serbia (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA ) / 11. 05. 2015. / At the beginning of May 2015 Radio-televizija Srbije, RTS, on the meeting of the Board of directors has chosen Dragan Bujošević as a new managing director with a two-thirds majority vote. 26 candidates applied on the tender announced on February 10th, with 11 candidates meeting the requirements.
Tv: 25.05.2015 21:02:52
HBO-PLAYTONE / HBO & Playtone are making miniseries about the Wright brothers
Zagreb, Croatia (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA) / 12. 05. 2015. / HBO and Playtone, a company owned by Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman, have signed a new partnership whose goal is to make a miniseries on life and work of the Wright brothers.
Tv: 22.05.2015 21:18:05
AMC-BREAKING BAD / 'Breaking Bad' starts in Serbia
Belgrade, Serbia (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA) / 12. 05. 2015. / From the beginning of May 2015 the cult series ''Breaking Bad'' is airing on AMC in Serbia.
Tv: 22.05.2015 13:06:48
AUDIENCE-APRIL / Nova TV most watched in April 2015
Zagreb, Croatia (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA) / 06. 05. 2015. / Croatian Agency for electronic media in cooperation with AGB Nielsen conducted audience analysis for April 2015. The research showed Nova TV is the most watched television in all target groups: for 4+ they achieved 23,13 %, for 18 to 49 years of age 22,65 % and for 18 to 54 years of age 22,92 % measured all day, but also continues to lead in prime-time, with over 30 % in all target groups.
Tv: 19.05.2015 13:53:31
RTL-NEWS BAR / News Bar on RTL in May
Zagreb, Croatia (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA) / 11. 05. 2015. / On May 17th 2015 RTL Croatia will start to air a half-hour satire news show ''News Bar News Corporation'' by the popular Croatian satire web site News Bar, whose audience in the past three years included all age groups, from teenagers to older people.
Tv: 18.05.2015 20:25:57
PICKBOX-PREMIERES / Pickbox's premieres in May
Zagreb, Croatia (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA) / 11. 05. 2015. / Pickbox, regional SVoD service, has prepared premieres of new series and new seasons in May 2015: third season of ''Orphan Black'', third season of ''Sherlock'' and the last season of ''A Touch of Frost'', but also new series ''Fleming'', ''The Forsyte Saga'', ''Jeeves and Wooster'', ''Top pf the Lake'' and British series ''The House of Cards''.

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