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Date: 23.02.2020
Date of last news: 10.07.2017 19:09:27
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Legislation: 02.09.2014 21:59:04
LAW-MEDIA / Republic of Serbia withdraws from the media, privatization and fee abolition to follow
Belgrade, Serbia (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA) / 50. 08. 2014. / At the end of August and the beginning of September, the Government of the Republic of Serbia has adopted drafts of the Law on public information and media, Law on electronic media and Law on public media services, and announced its withdrawal from the media: the state will give up ownership, project financing will be introduced, television fee will be abolished, and a tax not exceeding 500 dinars will be introduced. The privatization of media, around 7 % or 81 media companies, will have to be finished by July 1st 2015, stated Saša Mirković, state secretary of Ministry of Culture and information for B92 TV.
Legislation: 02.09.2014 21:56:01
LAW-BROADBAND NETWORKS AND SERVICES / Serbian Government adopts Strategy for broadband networks and services development
Belgrade, Serbia (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA) / 07. 08. 2014. / Starting from August, in accordance to article 45, paragraph 1 of the Law on Government, the Government of the Republic of Serbia has enacted the Strategy of for broadband networks and services development in the Republic of Serbia till 2015, whose objective is to establish guidelines for development of public information system in Serbia. The Strategy is divided in several units: Situation in the area of public procurement analysis, Strategy's objectives, ownership, public media, digitization, regulation and self-regulation in the area of public media and state support.
Legislation: 18.04.2014 00:00:00
RAK-MOBILE TELEPHONY / RAK announced the Draft of rules concerning providing public mobile telephone services
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA) / 18. 04. 2014. / On April 18th 2014 RAK, Regulatory Communications Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina opened a 30-day public consultations on the Draft of rules concerning providing public mobile telephone services. The drafts concern the Rule on performing the services of public mobile telephone services providing, defining the conditions for gaining rights and ground rules of providing the services in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Legislation: 03.04.2014 00:00:00
EU-ROAMING / Motion to abolish roaming in EU
Bruxelles, Belgium (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA) / 03. 04. 2014. / On the plenary meeting on April 3rd 2014, European Parliament adopted European Commission view on the motion of Act of unanimous market of electronic communications and the realization of Connected continent. The adoption of the motion is a first phase in the adoption of the Act, for which is necessary that the Parliament and the Ministers Council of EU reach an agreement of joint text.
Legislation: 23.01.2014 13:33:05
HAKOM and RAK sign cooperation agreement
As stated on the Hakom's official website, since mid-September Croatian Agency for postal and electronical communications has continued cooperation with Regulatory Agency for Communications of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

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