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Date: 23.02.2020
Date of last news: 10.07.2017 19:09:27
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Authorities: 02.09.2015 19:08:09
ARDCG-ANALYSIS / TV & radio in Montenegrin market analysis
Podgorica, Montenegro (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA ) / 25. 08. 2015. /Agency for electronic media of Montenegro, ARDCG, has published the analysis on TV and radio distribution market to end-users, concluding with July 31st 2015.
Authorities: 02.09.2015 18:58:32
HAKOM-ANALYSIS / Telecommunication market in Croatia analysis
Zagreb, Croatia (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA) / 02. 09. 2015. / Croatian regulatory agency for network communication, HAKOM, has announced the telecommunications market analysis for the second trimester of 2015. The report is based on the data collected from the operators.
Authorities: 02.09.2015 18:51:23
AGREEMENT-REGULATORS / Belgrade and Priština consensus on telecommunications
Bruxelles, Belgium (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA ) / 01. 09. 2015. / Negotiations on telecommunications between Belgrade and Priština are coming to a conclusion these days in the series of bilateral meetings in Bruxelles, whose participants are the Serbian Prime-minister Aleksandar Vučić, Kosovian Prime-minister Isa Mustafa and Senior Representative of EU Federicka Mogherini. So far, the solution on telecommunications has been agreed upon, and by the end of this round it is expected to find an agreeable solutions for both parties on Joint Serbian Regions, energetics and the Iber bridge in Kosovska Mitrovica.
Authorities: 19.05.2015 13:41:18
AEM-EAO-CONFERENCE / Film funding conference in Montenegro
Podgorica, Montenegro (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA) / 19. 05. 2015. / European Audiovisual Observatory and Montenegro's Agency for Electronic Media announced they will organize a joint conference Film Funding Schemes – A European Overview on June 11th 2015 in Hotel Podgorica, Podgorica.
Authorities: 10.04.2015 14:15:13
SPORT KLUB-FINES / Romania fined Sport Klub 1 and Sport Klub Prime for Slovenia, but jurisdiction is in... Luxembourg
Bucharest, Romania (MEDIA EXPRES) / 8 Apr 2015 / /Slovenia Audiovisual Authority Agencija za komunikacijska omrežja in storitve Republike Slovenije (AKOS) noticed the Romanian Audiovisual Authority (CNA) that Sport Klub1 and Sport Klub Prime aired more advertising than the alowed 12 minutes per hour during October--December 2014.
Authorities: 02.09.2014 21:57:07
RRA - CHANGE / RRA as Regulatory Body for Electronic Media
Belgrade, Serbia (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA) / 13. 08. 2014. / The Law on Electronic Media effective from August 13th 2014, RRA, Republic Radiodiffusion Agency of the Republic of Serbia became the Regulatory Body for Electronic Media.
Authorities: 05.05.2014 00:00:00
AKOS-TUŠMOBIL / AKOS decided 2x5 MHz radio frequency in 2100 remains to be used by Tušmobil
Ljubljana, Slovenia (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA) / 04. 05. 2014. / Communications networks and services agency of the Republic of Slovenia, AKOS, has renewed the final decision on usage of 2x5 MHz radio frequency in 2100 MHz to Tušmobil on April 17th 2014.
Authorities: 25.04.2014 00:00:00
RRA-BROADCASTERS-FEE / RRS institutes proceedings against four Serbian broadcasters
Belgrade, Serbia (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA) / 25. 04. 2014. / RRA, Republic Radiodifusion Agency, announced sentence pronouncement to TV Pink, TV B92, TV Prva i TV Hepi, as decided on extraordinary RRA Council assembly on April 25th 2014. In their shows these broadcasters hosted Kristijan Golubović, a well-known member of Serbian mafia and convicted criminal offender.
Authorities: 10.04.2014 00:00:00
EKIP-MARKET / Situation on Montenegrin market in the first quarter of 2014
Podgorica, Montenegro (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA) / 10. 04. 2014. / As appointed by the Law, Montenegrin Agency for electronic media has announced the report describing the situation on telecommunications market on April 10th.
Authorities: 09.04.2014 00:00:00
RAK-COMMERCIAL TIME / Commercial time in Bosnia extended to 6 minutes
Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA) / 09. 04. 2014. / On April the 9th 2014 the Council of Regulatory Communications Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, after public consultations, the Draft of 21st article alteration of the Code on Commercial Communications has been accepted. The article alteration refers to the length of marketing advertising on public radiotelevision services, prolonging it from 4 to 6 minutes.
Authorities: 04.03.2014 14:21:09
EKIP-REPORT / EKIP reports on telecommunications in Montenegro in 2013
Podgorica, Montenegro (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA) / 4. 2. 2014. / EKIP, Agency for electronic communications and postal services of the Republic of Montenegro, has announced the results of research conducted in cooperation with Damar, a public opinion measurement company. The Use of ICT in Montenegro Research goals were to identify and evaluate the use and satisfaction rates of fixed and mobile telephony services, providers of TV programs and Internet and to inquire awareness of the Agency, consumers protection and universal phone book. The results were regarded in comparison to ones the same research has extracted in 2011.
Authorities: 04.03.2014 13:54:54
AKOS-report / Final quarter of 2013 AKOS report
Ljubljana, Slovenia (MEDIA EXPRES ADRIA) / 27. 02. 2014. / Agency for communication networks and services of the Republic of Slovenia, AKOS, has published results of the third quarter of 2013 report. The report focuses on fixed telephony, mobile telephony, broadband Internet and television, taking into account companies' business in Slovenia and growing trends.

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